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Handheld Packaging Tape Dispensers

Anyone who spends the day packing orders for shipment knows that the job goes by much faster if the best packaging tape dispenser available is used. Tape dispensers/hand held guns can be used with either the left or right hand, leaving the other hand free to hold flaps in place or smooth the tape as it is applied.

Economy tape guns are available to dispense two-inch wide tape or three-inch tape. The heavy-duty model is available for two-inch tapes. Tape gun models feature an ergonomic handle for comfort and secure grip.

Even the best packing tape dispenser may be incapable of meeting all packaging needs. A relatively inexpensive handheld tape dispenser, for example, may be needed for extremely precise applications or to fit into tight areas. These dispensers are lightweight and more compact than a tape gun, making them very portable. They dispense tape that is two inches in width, and they are frequently used for bundling items or reinforcing seams as well as sealing boxes.

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