Efficient Automatic Stretch Wrapper

To pack up your merchandise and products safely and securely, stretch wrapping is one of the best ways to assure quality shipping. The Cousins Brand Stretch Wrap Machine offers automatic and semi-automatic equipment that are suitable for stand-alone and option in-line applications. The Cousins 3300 A-Arm Stretch Wrap Machine can process up to 35 loads per hour with a maximum static weight of 12,000. The turntable features a 3-16 RPM rotational speed with ?? HP DC variable motor speed and flexible contouring for fork truck access.

An automatic stretch wrapper allows you to prep and wrap large scale packages and products, and there are many varieties available. Our semi-automatic stretch wrap machines such as the Cousins HP-SW Stretch Wrap Machine is simple to operate with a reinforce wrap control for mid-wrapping and is made of structural steel construction for safe operation.