Every business wants continued growth along with healthy cash reserves, but as new opportunities arise they typically require an investment in additional equipment.

Whether you are a family owned business or a large corporation the decision is the same; will the cash flow generated by the equipment exceed the investment cost? Rather than tying up precious working capital or using valuable lines of credit, smart businesses turn to a BPS finance solution.

The BPS Equipment Financing Solution

BPS offers products to meet just about every situation and our seasoned Finance Managers have the expertise to customize a solution for you. Take a moment to review the options below and call us today to get started.
  • Equipment Finance Agreement
  • $1.00 Purchase Option Lease
  • Fair Market Value [FMV] Lease
  • Deferred Payment Option
  • 10% Purchase Option Lease
  • Seasonal Payment Option
  • 20% Additional Soft Costs Financing

our leasing application today and let BPS help you secure the packaging equipment you need to run your business the way it should be run.