Shanklin Sealing Machines and Shrink Tunnels

Shanklin offers a line of automatic shrink wrapping machine models that conform to your packaging needs in almost any industry. Our selection of Shanklin fully-automatic sealing machine options allows you to seal between 35 and 40 packages each minute. These machines work well for companies with a uniform or limited product line. Another carton sealing machine option is Shanklin's semi-automatic models. Should products require employee handling and care, these carton-sealing machines seal your items partially and allow adjustments afterward for a quality shipment.

A shrink tunnel machine matches nicely with nearby sealing machines, allowing you to conform packaging material around unusually-shaped items. Use a shrink wrapping machine with Shanklin's Hi-Speed wrappers or multi-packers to dispatch a large number of products without delay. Multi-packers take product groupings, such as nuts and bolts, keeping them organized during the sealing process. Should you have questions regarding Shanklin shrink machines, please contact us and we will be happy to help.