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Filament Tape

Secure boxes and wrap bundles tightly with filament tape from Basic Packaging Supply. Our 3M Scotch filament tape comes in both directional and bidirectional styles, offering secure adhesion and holding power on most heavy-duty applications. From closing a corrugated fiberboard box to wrapping a window for shipping, our filament strapping tape keeps your items closed, secured and together during transit and storage.

Our 3M bidirectional filament tape has a synthetic, rubber-resin adhesive and offers reinforced backing in both directions. Use it for securing several items in place or for sealing heavy-duty boxes for shipping. From box sealing to general bundling, use 3M filament tape for metalworking, closing lift flaps, coil tabbing and more. It comes in different types for use on everything from cardboard to metal and strips off easily during removal. Whether you need filament tape for the warehouse or for a store, choose Basic Packaging Supply for 3M tape at competitive prices and with fast shipping.