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Masking Tape

Mask off areas for painting or seal packages with 3M masking tape from Basic Packaging Supply. We have a variety of painters masking tape for both small and large jobs, such as our 3M green masking tape for industrial painting. From value-masking tape to high-performance 3M painters tape, each one has a specialized backing that adheres easily to most surfaces without leaving behind sticky residue.

Our featured products include 3M's value, general, performance and high-performance tapes for different uses. Choose the 101+ value tape for light-duty indoor applications, and select the 301+ performance yellow tape for paint masking and identifying applications. When it comes to masking tape, 3M uses a proprietary, solvent-free adhesive that sticks to most any surface with ease. Some 3M tape, such as the performance yellow, withstands temperatures up to 225 F for 30 minutes. If you want bulk masking tape for both light- and heavy-duty applications, check out the selection of 3M tape at Basic Packaging Supply.