Heavy Duty Industrial Packing Tape & Supplies

Your shipment depends on a strong tape to hold package seams together. 3M packing tape offers both hand and machine types to keep your business moving swiftly. Industrial tape must withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure. With industrial packaging supplies swarming the business market, it can be difficult to find the right product.

Use heavy duty packing tape for special shipments, such as items that cannot move through an industrial sealer safely. Machine tapes conform to shipping machines for smooth adhesion to packages as they move through the sequence. Match your industrial tape dispenser to our tape selections. Each tape has its own supportive construction to match your package's weight and box limitations. For specialized applications, look for tape that has UV resistance, along with extreme heat and cold resilience. Your tape needs are covered with any application to keep products safe as they travel to vendors or direct customers.

  • Hand Tape

    General Purpose and Heavy Duty Packing Tape

    Having packing tape on hand is essential whether you are preparing for a long distance move or have industrial shipping needs. Basic Packaging Supply enables you to find a variety of box sealing tape solutions that will ensure your items will be safe during transit. Whether you are transporting lightweight objects or something larger, we can accommodate. We make it simple to locate items from brands you trust like our Intertape and 3M Scotch tapes.

    Our heavy duty shipping tape is of high quality, and you can expect a quick response when you order. We provide packaging and shipping products like our Scotch packaging tape to make transporting goods safe and effective.

  • Masking Tape

    Masking Tape

    Mask off areas for painting or seal packages with 3M masking tape from Basic Packaging Supply. We have a variety of painters masking tape for both small and large jobs, such as our 3M green masking tape for industrial painting. From value-masking tape to high-performance 3M painters tape, each one has a specialized backing that adheres easily to most surfaces without leaving behind sticky residue.

    Our featured products include 3M's value, general, performance and high-performance tapes for different uses. Choose the 101+ value tape for light-duty indoor applications, and select the 301+ performance yellow tape for paint masking and identifying applications. When it comes to masking tape, 3M uses a proprietary, solvent-free adhesive that sticks to most any surface with ease. Some 3M tape, such as the performance yellow, withstands temperatures up to 225 F for 30 minutes. If you want bulk masking tape for both light- and heavy-duty applications, check out the selection of 3M tape at Basic Packaging Supply.

  • Filament Tape

    Filament Tape

    Secure boxes and wrap bundles tightly with filament tape from Basic Packaging Supply. Our 3M Scotch filament tape comes in both directional and bidirectional styles, offering secure adhesion and holding power on most heavy-duty applications. From closing a corrugated fiberboard box to wrapping a window for shipping, our filament strapping tape keeps your items closed, secured and together during transit and storage.

    Our 3M bidirectional filament tape has a synthetic, rubber-resin adhesive and offers reinforced backing in both directions. Use it for securing several items in place or for sealing heavy-duty boxes for shipping. From box sealing to general bundling, use 3M filament tape for metalworking, closing lift flaps, coil tabbing and more. It comes in different types for use on everything from cardboard to metal and strips off easily during removal. Whether you need filament tape for the warehouse or for a store, choose Basic Packaging Supply for 3M tape at competitive prices and with fast shipping.

  • Filament Tape Dispensers

    Scotch Packaging Tape Dispensers

    Methods for closing a package may not seem important, but a smoothly functioning filament tape dispenser can make a big difference. Struggling to manage the smooth application of sticky tape can result in an untidy appearance and an improper seal.

    Hand Tape Dispenser

    Our plastic and metal tape dispensers are handheld and portable, and they provide an excellent application of tape to seal a carton. Our tape dispensers are fitted with a sharp cutting edge that easily severs the strongest filament tape. Effective shipping tape dispensers reduce the amount of time that workers must spend to close a package and make it look professionally sealed. Make a great first impression with secure, high quality packaging tape from Basic Packaging Supply.

  • Carton Sealing Tape Dispensers

    Handheld Packaging Tape Dispensers

    Anyone who spends the day packing orders for shipment knows that the job goes by much faster if the best packaging tape dispenser available is used. Tape dispensers/hand held guns can be used with either the left or right hand, leaving the other hand free to hold flaps in place or smooth the tape as it is applied.

    Economy tape guns are available to dispense two-inch wide tape or three-inch tape. The heavy-duty model is available for two-inch tapes. Tape gun models feature an ergonomic handle for comfort and secure grip.

    Even the best packing tape dispenser may be incapable of meeting all packaging needs. A relatively inexpensive handheld tape dispenser, for example, may be needed for extremely precise applications or to fit into tight areas. These dispensers are lightweight and more compact than a tape gun, making them very portable. They dispense tape that is two inches in width, and they are frequently used for bundling items or reinforcing seams as well as sealing boxes.