High Performance Clear Stretch Wrap

There are several types of stretch wrap and stretch film that are available for the purposes of securing the contents of your packages, as well as binding packages together. Stretch wrap film is handy for moving large loads, such as those that would be stacked onto pallets for shipping. These products are made from clear materials that have stretching capabilities up to 250 percent.

Some of the options available include hand blown film, hand cast film, and machine cast film. Our stretch wrap film comes in a variety of sizes like 12 X 1000 and more. There are several lengths and gauges. Clear stretch wrap makes it easy to bind your packages while still enabling your products codes to be read easily. The variety of these kinds of wrap make them highly useful, but they retain their security because once they are set they will not stretch unnecessarily.

Basic Packaging Supply is a major mover of stretch wrap and stretch-related products and because of this we have some of the best pricing in the industry.

Let us help you find the perfect stretch wrap for your needs. Contact us today and our shipping experts will be happy to help.

  • Machine Cast Stretch Wrap

    Protect Your Shipment with Stretch Wrap Film

    Stretch wrap film protects products during shipment, especially pallet shipments with small items stacked neatly. Select machine stretch film that works for your shipments. If you ship uniform pallets on a daily basis, select basic machine stretch wrap. Stretching up to 250 percent of its size, this film adheres to almost any shape without costly breaks that can lose product between destinations. For unusual shipment shapes, try high performance wrap. Stretching to 300 percent of its size, you'll have a strong, protective film for the entire shipment period.

    Match your stretch wrap dispenser with our films. The dispenser must be able to hold the film's weight without warping the fixture. For the most accurate wrapping, choose a stretch wrap machine with scale. You'll have an exact weight for your shipment as it is wrapped. There is no need for a separate weighing process, which streamlines your packaging process for an efficient shipment.

  • Hand Cast Stretch Wrap

    Hand Cast Stretch Wrap

    Hand cast stretch wrap film comes in regular and high performance, for those extra tough packing jobs. Stretch wrap packaging also comes in a variety of lengths, so you can stock up or go with a smaller amount when you are just getting started. Our hand cast stretch wrap provides minimal film memory, 2 sided crystal clear cling for easier bar-code scanning, quiet roll dispenser, and it is offered at an affordable cost. For easier stretching and lower load retention, the hand cast stretch wrap offers reliable wrapping with great value.

    High Performance Hand Cast Stretch Wrap comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 15x 1500 to 18x 1500. Again, this wrap is great for hand stretch machines and will provide premium stretch coverage and protection for your goods.

    Stretch plastic wrap can be used when you are working with pallets, which are often needed for stacked packages. Pallet stretch wrap is durable and allows you to secure stacks of products safely on one pallet, all tight and ready for shipping off to your customer base.