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Multi-depth Corrugated Boxes

At Basic Packaging Supply, we understand the importance of having a variety of sizes when it comes to packaging and shipping supplies. Our multi-depth shipping boxes allow for easy storage and versatility during shipment. With multi-depth boxes, you can choose the box that best fits the product size and cost requirement. The heavy duty construction allows for better protection of your products in transit until it reaches its final destination. High stacking strengths coupled with excellent flexibility enables you to ship more boxes at once with protective endurance over long distances. Best of all, we offer our multi-depth corrugated boxes at affordable wholesale prices for industrial packaging needs.

We help you stay stocked on multi-depth boxes for shipping by providing the convenience of ordering in the office or at home on our website. Multi-depth boxes are offered in various sizes to match your exact specification which helps pack goods tighter with less wasted space. Customer satisfaction is our goal, and we go to work delivering you the precise box to meet your needs.

Heavy-Duty Multi-Depth Boxes Standard Multi-Depth Boxes