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Foam Insulated Shipping Boxes & Cold Bricks

For items that need extra protection, Basic Packaging Supply offers a range of insulated boxes and cold bricks to protect against higher temperatures and the external environment. Easily ship your edible or medical items with lightweight shippers that feature a thick foam container to protect against crushing and breaking. These insulated shipping supplies are also printed with �??Rush�?�, �??Perishable�?� and �??This Side Up�?� to alert shipping workers to the sensitive nature of the contents.

Insulated Shipping Containers For Sale

Keep your items cool with cold bricks that protect against thawing by keeping products at a uniform temperature for up to 12 days. These bricks are made with food-safe, non-toxic materials and are securely sealed in a plastic pouch. Ideal for bio products, lab samples, blood products and pharmaceuticals, you can reuse these cold brinks, making them an economical choice for protecting your items. Call Basic Packaging Supply today for the lowest shipping rate on cold bricks and insulated shipping boxes!

Insulated Shipping Containers Re-Freez-R-Brix Cold Bricks