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Corrugated Boxes Wholesale

Give your shipped goods their best chance of being delivered unbroken. Wrap your items securely and ship in heavy-duty shipping boxes from the Basic Packaging Supply online catalog.

Single-wall boxes are right for shipping lightweight items and things not likely to break during transit. Corrugated cardboard walls are 40% stronger than standard shipping cartons. Available in a variety of sizes.

Shipping Supplies From Basic Packaging Supply

Heavy-duty double-wall boxes offer two times the protection of standard shipping cartons. Superior strength guards container contents during shipping and stacking. Double wall cardboard boxes are available in sizes that range from 8-inch x 8-inch x 8-inch cubes to 36-inch x 12-inch x 12-inch rectangular shipping cartons.

All BPS heavy-duty boxes are sold in bundles and shipped flat. It's easy to turn a flat BPS box into a sturdy and secure shipping container. Buy your shipping boxes wholesale and ensure your business always has necessary packaging items on hand. Call us directly if you need a custom size for your products.

Heavy-Duty Double Wall Boxes Heavy-Duty Single Wall Boxes