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Cardboard Envelope Inserts

Proper packaging is essential for delivering undamaged items to customers. Bulk cardboard sheets can help protect the contents of large packing boxes as well as small mailers, such as envelopes or poly bags.

Chipboard pads make excellent cardboard envelope inserts to keep photographs or artwork from being bent or damaged in transit. They are also frequently used in cartons as the top layer of protection. Chipboard pads are available in letter and legal sizes as well as 12-inch and 16-inch squares and 26 x 38-inch rectangles. This last size is also offered in a heavy-duty version.

Thick corrugated cardboard sheets and corrugated layer pads are often used between layers within cartons to protect contents from wear, damage during transit and damage from box cutters upon arrival. They also make good envelope stiffeners. Layer pads are available in sizes ranging from 5-7/8-inch squares to almost 24-inch squares as well as a variety of rectangular shapes. Sizes for corrugated sheets range from 24 inches by 30 inches to 42 inches by 42 inches. Corrugated sheets are not only used for top layering but also as layers on pallets to help distribute weight evenly.

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