Layflat Clear Polypropylene Bags 1.5 mil
Layflat Clear Polypropylene Bags 1.5 mil
Our 1.5 mil Layflat Polypropylene Bags are packed 1,000 per case and meet FDA and USDA specifications.

Clear polypropylene bags are made of a plastic that allows you to transport hot substances without transmitting harmful substances to the food. Along with a high melting point, our 1 mil poly bags are also gusseted. This means that you can stand them up, and they will retain their shape.

The Food and Drug Administration requires that plastics created for the transport of food adhere to strict guidelines, and the clear wholesale poly bags that we sell fit this description. The USDA also imposes regulations on plastic manufacturers, and our poly bags wholesale comply with these rules as well.

You can purchase our poly bags with one of seven different dimensions in cartons that contain 1,000 items. The clear poly bag that you will receive will be a container that does not pose a risk to human health because it is guaranteed not to contain harmful dyes or recycled plastics.

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Item# Item Name BPS Price Quantity Add
LAD-P83-146 Layflat Poly Bg - Clear - 3x4x1.5 mil
(Carton of 1000)
LAD-P83-147 Layflat Poly Bg - Clear - 3x5.5x1.5 mil
(Carton of 1000)
LAD-P83-148 Layflat Poly Bg - Clear - 4x6x1.5 mil
(Carton of 1000)
LAD-P83-149 Layflat Poly Bg - Clear - 4.75x6.75x1.5 mil
(Carton of 1000)
LAD-P83-150 Layflat Poly Bg - Clear - 4.75x8.25x1.5 mil
(Carton of 1000)
LAD-P83-151 Layflat Poly Bg - Clear - 5.75x7.75x1.5 mil
(Carton of 1000)
LAD-P83-152 Layflat Poly Bg - Clear - 5.75x9.75x1.5 mil
(Carton of 1000)
LAD-P83-153 Layflat Poly Bg - Clear - 6.75x10.75x1.5 mil
(Carton of 1000)
LAD-P83-154 Layflat Poly Bg - Clear - 7.5x13x1.5 mil
(Carton of 1000)
LAD-P83-155 Layflat Poly Bg - Clear - 8x10x1.5 mil
(Carton of 1000)
LAD-P83-156 Layflat Poly Bg - Clear - 9x12x1.5 mil
(Carton of 1000)
LAD-P83-157 Layflat Poly Bg - Clear - 10x12x1.5 mil
(Carton of 1000)
LAD-P83-158 Layflat Poly Bg - Clear - 12x18x1.5 mil
(Carton of 1000)
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